Monday, January 18, 2010

Saving Health Care... From Us

We tax all the others and pass the revenue on to you

It took extraordinary bribes and payoffs to get 100% of our DemSens to pass a health care... make that a health insurance reform... bill in the face of 100% RepubSens opposition  Way different version than the House version but that's what conferences are supposed to fix so that the versions are compatible. 

Up jumps the devil, in the form of the Mass. special senate election tomorrow, Martha Coakley vs. Scott Brown.  Looks like Coakley might lose, which is throwing Congress into a tizzy. 

DemSens are making extraordinary efforts to pass something, anything, before Brown is seated, if he actually does win.  This, despite the fact that polls show that the measure is wildly unpopular unless you ask the question without mentioning how much it costs and who' going to have to pay the price.

They might not ram the health care/insurance bill through without that 60th vote, the one that makes it veto- and filibuster-proof.  The prez and everyone else of any Dem import are campaigning relentlessly for MarthaC.  Not much of that on the other side because Repubs are afraid of losing even more 2010/2012 cred if they are seen as backing a loser.  ScottB is pretty much on his own unless he wins, then lots of people who aren't him will be taking credit. 

MarthaC was ahead by 15 or so points a couple of short weeks ago.  Now ScottB is ahead in most polls by anywhere from 5-9%.  That's an almost unfathomable sea change (note the neat double nautical references). Even John Kerry resorted to a sports metaphor, just in case us plebs don't get it:  "This race is a jump ball."  And thanks for that, John.  That translates to "How the heck are we going to spin this disaster?"  Fox has a good story HERE.

No matter who wins, the losing side will spin it is not meaning all that much, being just a special election and all.  Except for that health bill thing.

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A politician thinks of the next election.  A statesman, of the next generation. -- James Freeman Clarke


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  1. I'd be happy with someone between a politician and a statesman--someone who cares what his or her constituents want. What a concept!!