Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Michael Vick -- A Not-Reality Show

We tax all the others and pass the revenue on to you

You do know that reality shows aren't the same as reality, don't you? Sure you do, but FoxSports is a little unclear on the concept. It's their job to pimp sports and they do it well. I like sports and I watch Fox but their headline yesterday is too much: "Vick needs an extreme makeover before return".

Let God forgive Michael Vick for being a craven coward, a liar and a torturer of small and not-so-small animals. Forgiving Vick shouldn't even cross our minds. Spare me the platitudes about turning over a new leaf, about everyone deserving a second chance, about PETA promo ads, about doing his time. The Vick boys, with Michael way out in front, have been abusing the trust and good will of others (hello, Ron Mexico) for way too many years and getting away with it nearly every time. When they were caught, lying about their complicity just came naturally because who wouldn't forgive a talented athlete?

These are the days of suspensions and banishment for drug use, at most a self-inflicted injury with minimal collateral damage. I'm all for it, mind you, but let's preserve a modicum of perspective. Imagine two scenes: In the first, an athlete gives him/herself an illegal dose of whatever. In the second, Mike Vick throws stolen/abandoned house pets to vicious fighting dogs for his own amusement, drowns injured animals and invites friends and "fans" over to watch the ghastly and repulsive spectacles at his home. Which of these offends you more and is more deserving of your everlasting scorn? May I suggest Michael Vick?

Now Mike is getting out of jail. OK, can't keep him locked up forever, more's the pity. But inflicting him all over again on the people who love his sport? Say it ain't so.

Vick doesn't need an extreme makeover. That would suggest that there is something within him worthy of redemption. On a religious level I'm fine with his redemption but I don't take it upon myself to participate. That's between him and God. He has offended me, personally, beyond my ability to forgive or forget.

Let Mike live with his memories of what was and what might have been and retain a clear image of what happened and the consequences. Let him answer his creditors in bankruptcy court like an ordinary debtor. Let him look for a job that doesn't bar ex-felons and overlooks his damaged psyche. Stop already with "There goes Mike Vick." Don't inflict Vick on me or my beloved sport any more. We've been hurt enough.

All cruelty springs from hardheartedness and weakness. -- Seneca

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