Thursday, February 5, 2009

What's A Health Czar?

We tax all the others and pass the revenue on to you

TommyD is out. Q'uelle suprise. Nancy Killefer is too. A little harsh, the latter, but I'm OK with it. TimmyG is still in and how does he get that bye from the prez and Congress? Sam's Foreign and Domestic Auto Center may trip up Rep. Hilda Solis' bid for SecLabor. Her hubby ignored $6 large in LA taxes, maybe. Not much money but he did it enough times that LA filed 17 liens to try and get its money. He's a tax jerk, but what does that say about her? Not much, but Hilda forgot to mention that she was on the board of a labor rights organization that campaigned for bills that she later sponsored. That gives me more pause than the taxes.

Amidst all this I learned that TommyD has stepped down as White House Health Czar. Say what? Who knew? What do Health Czars do?

The Rangel Rule? There is an ex-Texas judge in the House who is a bizarre jokester. His latest is to offer the Rangel Rule. Instead of bringing lawmakers up to the standards they demand of Americans he proposes to bring Americans down to the standards of their lawmakers. The RR will waive the consequences of non-compliance with federal tax laws for all of us, not just our reps. Strange guy, this Texan. Don't take him too seriously. DO take Charlie R seriously as he has seriously cheated us out of some serious money.

WH spokesman Robert Gibbs has a strange view of it all. "Nobody's perfect" he said of TommyD. Well OK, but maybe cabinet members/nominees should be a litle closer to the mark than they have been lately. I know, spin is his job.

NYTimes opines that it's the screwed-up tax code, not the individuals at fault. That's what the LATimes said about TimmyG, remember? Now poor Tom and Nancy have to go back to being wildly rich for doing... what was that they do? Better than being a health czar, I bet, but you don't get to hang around the West Wing as much.

Take this to the bank: No major health care reform this year or any time soon. DOA, despite CharlieR's "by the end of 2010" promise. Ain't gonna happen, folks. No will, no money. Maybe some window dressing, that's all.

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