Thursday, December 25, 2008

Second Time Out

My last (also my first) post was over a year ago. A lot has gone on since then. I'll update.

My book -- Give Me the Money... or I'll Do Something - A Comprehensive Guide to Tax Arrears Collection Reform -- is finished. Next comes the editing. The companion training volume isn't quite that far along but it does exist. We're working to bring it to the publishing stage.

FWIW, I dropped the "In Developing Countries" phrase that used to come after the word "Reform" in the title. The reason? There are a lot of countries that aren't "developing countries" but still need to reform their tax arreas collection systems. Hello... Italy? Russia? Brazil? Likewise, there are many lesser jurisdictions -- states, provinces and such -- that need the same thing. California, New York, are you listening? No, probably not. Yet.

The world economy has taken a major turn for the worse since my first post. Revenue streams may no longer be taken for granted. In addition to the core tax policy decisions of whom to tax and how much, tax authorities are coming to grips with the fact they they must deal swiftly and effectively with those tax delinquents who can pay, but won't. That's where I come in.

I have accepted a 4-week assignment to do some teaching of arrears collection procedures in the Republic of Georgia starting in mid-January. I'll be working with some good people in trying to put some of my principles into practice. It will be a good test and, after not working for anyone since November 2007, a real challenge.

I'll also be visiting some old friends there as well as getting out to one or both of the orphanages that our charity, CCRFund, sponsors. My darlin' wife Edythe put together a winter newsletter for CCRfund. You can link directly to the newsletter HERE . I wrote the story that begins on page 2. Let me know how you like it.

The Stromme Group: Pretty much waiting for the book to be done. Ransom and I have some ideas about where we want to take it once we pass that critical point.

Tax Collectors Network: It exists but it's dormant. I have discovered Ning and I think a website built around Ning would be useful and interesting.

After letting things lie around for 2008 we're trying to re-start what we began more than a year ago. More soon. Sooner than 13 months, for sure.


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